RESULT:-CAT 2 COLOURING ->1ST Safnin Sathar 3A GREEN, 2ND Mohammed Nihal 4 A GREEN, 3RD Abhinav Baiju 4A GREEN, CAT 3:- PENCIL DRAWING-> 1ST Marwa Salamath 7A BLUE, 2ND Safrin Sathar 7B BLUE ,Devaganga T.U 7B GREEN, 3RD Adnan Hussain P.S V A RED, PAINTING WATER COLOUR ->Marwa Salamath 7A BLUE, Aysha nafrin K.A 5A GREEN, Shifana V.H 6A BLUE, CARTOON -> Haneen P.M V A RED, Avani.M.B 7A BLUE, Mohamed Zayan M.M 6B BLUE, CAT4:-PENCIL DRAWING ->1ST Sameeha Shirin K.R XA Blue, 2ND Mohammed Roshan VIIIB Green , 3RD Fadil Rahman VIIIB Blue, PENCIL DRAWING ->1ST Mohammad Favas k.s XI SCI GREEN, CAT 1:- PENCIL DRAWING-> 1ST AYESHA MANHA 2B RED,2ND SREEHARI 2A BLUE, 3RD ZAYAN AHMAD PS 2B RED, COLOURING ->1ST Afrina Fathima p s 2A GREEN, 2ND SINAN AHAMMED AN 2B RED, 3RD AYESHA MANHA 2B RED, CAT2:- PENCIL DRAWING -> 1ST Haya Fathima.p.a. 4 A GREEN, 2ND Amana.V.N. 3 B GREEN, 3RD Hamdan 3A RED, CAT4:- CARTOON->2ND Ameen Muhammed IX A Red, 3RD Aayisha Shajahan N S VIIIB Green, COLLAGE -> 1ST Sameeha Shirin K.R XA Blue, CAT 5:-CARTOON-> 1ST Mohammad Favas k.s XI SCI GREEN, COLLAGE ->Mohammad Favas k.s XI SCI GREEN    CAT3:-ESSAY WRITTING ENGLISH->>1ST Alim Ziyan 5A RED, 2ND Farah P.N 7B RED, 3RD Lubna Ashraf 7B GREEN, POWERPOINT PRESENTATION->>1ST Marwa Jafar Sadik 7B RED, 2ND Nihala yasmin.T.N 7A BLUE, 3RD Fathima waheed 5A GREEN, DIGITAL PAINTING ->>1ST Sahla Ilias 5B GREEN, 2ND Avani.M.B 7A BLUE, 3RD Ayaan Basheer 5A BLUE, CAT 4:- POSTAL DESIGNING ->> 1ST Sameeha Shirin K.R 10A Blue, ESSAY WRITING MALAYALAM->>1ST Hisana 10A Red, 2ND Mohmmed Irfan 8B Red , 3RD Prithwiraj, Misba Anwar 10A,8B Red,Blue , ESSAY WRITING HINDI->>2ND Aayisha Shajahan N S 8B Green , PAINTING WATER COLOUR->>1ST Sameeha Shirin K.R 10A Blue, OIL PAINTING 1ST->> Sameeha Shirin K.R 10A Blue, CAT 5:-POSTAL DESIGNING ->> 1ST Mohammad Favas k.s XI SCI GREEN, ESSAY WRITING MALAYALAM->> 1ST Nahla Phayas XI SCI Red, 2ND Misath K. M XI SCI Blue ,PAINTING WATER COLOUR->>1ST Mohammad Favas k.s XI SCI GREEN ->>

Better Discipline

Discipline is being obedient and have self-controlled behavior to follow orders of proper authority. Discipline is the right way of doing things in well behaved manner and most important thing in everyone’s life. Somebody has natural property of self-discipline however somebody has to develop it inside them. Discipline is the...

Digital Classroom

One of the biggest driving factors affecting the changes in education today is technology. Our students are part of a new generation - a generation that is constantly connected and surrounded with technology, and so it only makes sense to fully incorporate technology into our teaching practices. As educators, we...

Qualified teachers

Nothing helps a child learn as much as a great teacher. subject-matter knowledge is greatly associated with student learning. In this era of high standards and high expectations, having a highly qualified teacher has never been more important.The law requires that all teachers of core academic subjects in the classroom...

Technology Friendly

It is important to acknowledge that students are already interested and engaged in using technology, this creates many amazing opportunities for schools and teachers to benefit from integrating some forms of technology in the classroom and to make teaching and learning more effective. Here are some of the main benefits...

Welcome to Hira English School

“Education for All” with this mission, the management decided to avail modern educational facilities to the backward community thereby to bring them in the main stream. School stands for the fulfilment of the long cherished dream of its founders.

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