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Boys : Coffee brown Trousers (1st & IInd )Pants (IIIrd – Xth ) Skin Colour check shirts, Stripped belt, Brown socks and Black shoes.
Girls : Coffee brown Frock (1st & IInd ) churidar (IIIrd – Xth ) Skin colour check top, Brown Socks, Black Shoes, coffee brown ribbon or Black hair band, Coffee brown Mufta.
Friday : White & White with White Shoes and Socks, White ribbon or white hair band
Note : Only Black sandals with back strap are allowed during monsoon seasons
Boys : Biscuit colour pants, white Stripped Shirts, Biscuit colour socks and Black shoes.
Girls : Biscuit colour churidhar ,White Stripped Top, Biscuit colour ribbon, Biscuit color Socks, Black Shoes, Biscuit Colour Mafta.
Friday : White & White pant, Shirt, Shoes, Socks,
Note : White &White Churidhar, Bottom, Socks, Shoes, Mafta.


  • Evaluating a child is a continuous and comprehensive process which is based on holistic approach
  • The assessment method varies from I-IV,V-X,XI & XII
    • Std.I-IV- Monthly Assessments
    • StdV-X- Formative and Summative Evaluation.
    • Std XI-XII- Monthly and Term Assessment.
    • Rivision classes will commence for XII from October onwards.
Model Exams
  • 1st Model- November last week- ½ portions
  • IInd Model-January last week-remaining ½
  • IIIrd model-February. External paper-full portions
  • Attendance to all assessments/evaluations are compulsory.
  • Special arrangements cannot be made for pupils who for any reason fail to attend the assessments/evaluations
  • Medical certificate must be produced. Parents are asked to attend the open House compulsory in every month. Answer
  • scripts/progress reports will be distributed in the open House


  1. The parents/ Guardians are expected to co-operate with the school Authorities in enforcing proper discipline in, and ensuring better functioning of the school
  2. The circulars, notices etc… sent though the students may please be acknowledged in the space provided in the diary
  3. Parents should ensure their presence in all monthly meeting and open houses
  4. Parents / Guardians who sent their wards in private vehicle must take care to reach the school in time. School in not responsible for the mishap of such students after school hours. The vehicle driver’s phone no. should be given in the office in June itself.
  5. Parents / Guardians must ensure that the students are sent neatly ironed uniform and polished shoes. Girls must make two pleated hair with coffee brown ribbon. Boys must do hair cut in time.
  6. Parents are not directly enter Principals cabin staff room or class room
  7. Parents / Guardians must ensure regular attendance and punctuality of their wards. In case of late coming they must seek the permission of the Principal.
  8. Parents / Guardians must take care to avoid fee default. Defaults must inform the office the reason and the tentative dates.
  9. Any change in phone numbers and address should inform in the office.
  10. All Govt. declared holidays in the calendar are holidays to school.
  11. The office must be informed if your ward stops availing of the school bus facility.
  12. Parents are requested not to enter any class room during school hours.
  13. Parents who wish to take the children during the school hours must meet the Principal with a filled up request from, which shall be obtained from the school office.
  14. The Parents / Guardians are expected to check their wards’ school dairy daily and to sign as token of having seen the remarks, if any.
  15. If you feel that your child does not make desired progress, the Principal should be consulted.
  16. Criticism of a teacher in presence of a child should be studiously avoided. It causes the child to lose his/ her respect for the teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him.
  17. It is the duty of Parents not to permit their children to drive motor vehicle.
  18. Parents / Guardians are bound by the school rules in all respects and the decision of the Principal/ Management is final and binding on them.
  19. The school rules may change from time to time.
  20. Parents should regularly check the student’s dairy everyday and counter sign it.
  21. Send the child with a handkerchief every day.