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Evaluating a child is a continuous and comprehensive process which is based on holistic approach.

The assessment method varies from K. G. – IV, V – X, XI & XII

K. G – U. K. G: Oral test & worksheet system. Alphabets and numbers 1-50 (writing) will be completed.

Std I – VIII: Term Wise Evaluation

Std IX – X 80% of the marks obtains from written examination with 100 % portion at the final examination and 20% marks as internal assessment.

XI – XII: Monthly and Term Examination.

Revison Classes for XI – XII will commence from October onwards.

2 Model Exams will be conducted.

Attendance to all assessments / evaluations are compulsory.

Special arrangements cannot be made for pupils who for any reason fail to attend the assessments / evaluations.

Medical certificate must be produced. Parents are asked to attend the Open House compulsory. Answer scripts / Progress reports will be distributed in the open house.



No student is assessed on the basis of a single test.

Promotion to higher class is based on the performance of the child throughout the year.

Std I – IV An average of all the Bi-monthly assessment will be taken into account with minimum 35% Marks is compulsory for pass.

Separate pass 33% in internal Assessment & Final Examination Minimum 35% marks in average.

90% attendance is compulsory for all classes.

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