The School has a full fledged Library in all the sections for both study and reference. Books are issued to the pupils during library hours. English, Malayalam Newspapers and good Magazines, periodicals are also provided.

Library Rules

  1. Library books will be issued from std. Vth onwards.
  2. Books are issued for a period of two weeks only.
  3. Only one books will be issued at time and on the appointed day for each class.
  4. Books are to be returned before each examination. Students who fail to do so will have to pay a fine.
  5. Fine will be levied if a book is damaged.
  6. In case a book is lost,it will have to be replaced by the concerned student.
  7. Students are to enter the titles of books they have read in the school dairy on the pages provided for the purpose.

Laboratory Rules

  1. No. apparatus or materials may be used without prior sanction from the concerned teachers.
  2. Any accidents or breakage in the laboratory must be reported to the teacher in charge immediately.
  3. All apparatus must be cleaned and kept in their proper places after use.

All materials in the laboratory must be economically .All waste materials must be put in the waste basket.